I remember when this beautiful young woman was a little girl. I visited her in the hospital when she was born. For her second birthday, I picked out an outfit for her that I though was cute and she tossed it to the side because it wasn’t a toy. I use to babysit her growing up. Now look at her! It’s hard to believe she’s not my baby cousin anymore. Now she’s in college and studying to become a dentist! Time goes by in the blink of an eye. Before you know it, that little girl is 20 and you’re almost 30!

I had a creative idea in mind with this shoot but since I recently moved, all my model friends are now 8 hours away. I reached out to my cousin and she agreed to work with me. I’m sooooo glad she did! This was my best shoot to date and she was an amazing model! Check out a few of my favorite images of her below and follow the link to see her full gallery!






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