Sarah + Sally

Ok. Here we go with another shoot of Sarah. I had to go ahead and finish this shoot before it got lost in the land of unfinished photos, though.

Now that it’s starting to warm up here in central Georgia and the wild flowers are blooming, I knew I wanted to take Sarah outside for a day of play and photos. She would not go, though, without Sally. Sally is her favorite plush toy and goes almost everywhere with us. Sally was not supposed to be part of this shoot but Sarah wouldn’t do it with out her. So, naturally, I gave in and let her carry Sally around. I’m so glad I did! This session has inspired me to do a photo documentary on Sally, the fuchsia dog with the purple tutu. I want to try to capture my daughter through her favorite toy’s eyes and show a side of Sally that you normally wouldn’t see.

Check out some of my favorite images from Sarah and Sally’s session and click the link to see the full gallery.


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