Hales Maternity Session

I had the absolute pleasure of photographing my hair stylist and her growing family a few weeks ago in downtown Wilmington, NC. This wonderful woman saved my hair when another stylist told me she wouldn’t color my hair because she “didn’t have time” after I had already booked a color session with her. Three years later and many, many coloring sessions with Paige, I’m happy to say she’s still my favorite stylist!

She’s listened to me vent about life, work, family, etc. She came over to help with my kids when I hurt my back and could hardly move. She also refers me to potential clients and helps my business grow in many ways. Not to mention my hair looks great every time I leave her salon!

Paige and Tyler will be welcoming their first sweet baby girl this coming up December. Everyone is so excited about meeting her. Paige was kind enough to answer some questions for me for this post and I will post her Q&A below!


Q: Was she planned or a surprise?
A: She was planned.

Q: What was your first reaction to finding out?
A: I remember taking a test in the morning right after I woke up and it was positive and I couldn’t believe it. I kept staring at those 2 lines I wasn’t sure if i was seeing things! I was beyond excited!

Q: How did your family react?
A: Our family had no idea when we told them. Everyone was completely surprised.

Q: What were each of you hoping for?
A: All i wanted was a healthy baby but i have always dreamed of a girl. But i was convinced i was having a boy. Tyler wanted a boy of course.

Q: How did you come up with her name?
A: Brooklyn Rose is a name we both loved. The name Brooklyn i have always loved and Tyler voted Rose for the middle name. No significance just loved the name.

Check out a few of my favorites from this session below and don’t forget to pin them!


Follow the link below to check out their whole gallery! https://haleykatephotos.pixieset.com/g/halesmaternity/

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